SEKKAL's law Firm is specialized, since 20 years, in international relations, Maghreb relations and, particularly, in business relations between ITALY and ALGERIA

SEKKALís law Firm responds to clientís inquiries and requests for extrajudicial and judicial assistance in Italy and in ALGERIA having gained a substantial experience in matters concerning private international law, Italian Law, Maghreb Law with particular reference to Algerian law in different fields.

The international practice of SEKKALís law Firm focuses on international business and commercial law, preparation and management of contracts, subcontracting or other types of contracts in accordance with the regulations in force in Italy and in Algeria.

In order to fully satisfy clientís requests, SEKKAL law Firm has established, in several countries, a strong collaboration with legal Firms, professionals as experts in technical and commercial matters , international public and private procurements (evaluation and price analysis necessary for any submission concerning public or private tenders in accordance with the geographical areas regulations), accountants, tax and fiscal experts.

The Firm assists different kind of companies, associations and private clients, in Italy, Algeria, Maghreb and in some of African countries, interested in operating and investing in the areas above mentioned.

The relationships with clients are as well in Italian also in French and in Arabic languages.
The practice of Italian law responds to local and foreign clients who have or plan to have a business or invest and who are involved or may be involved in the future in contentious situation in Italy.
The Firmís main areas of practise in Italy are : Family law, Civil, Commercial and Corporate law, Real Estate Law, Labour law, civil and commercial litigation.

The Firmís specialisation in commercial relations between Algeria and Italy became necessary in order to respond to clientís needs and particularly, in order to respond to:
o Italian and European business companies that plan to invest or/and to operate in Algeria and those who are operating in that area, individually or in joint-venture with Algerian Firms or companies;-
o Algerian companies that plan to invest or/and to operate in Italy a and those who are operating in Italy, individually or in joint-venture with Italian Firms or companies;-
o Italian and Algerian private clients involved in a contentious or extrajudicial matter in Italy or in Algeria;

The Firm is able to provide services of legal assistance and advice/counsel thanks to its knowledge of cultures, practice and languages (Italian, French, Arabic, English) frequently used in the international business world , in Maghreb and specially in Algeria.

For further information, please contact the Firm at:
E-mail: : info@studiolegalesekkal.eu

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